Do you know where the high-end is?


The suit is a necessary product for men nowadays. Business meeting and daily work are inseparable from the suit. A good suit often reflects a person's outstanding temperament, so more and more people choose custom-made suit. But do you really understand customization? Customization is not only tailored to local conditions, people who have had customization experience know that the first thing is still to choose a style, style selection is relatively sensitive, according to personal preferences and personal segment to choose.


1. version; the basic version can be divided into two types: loose edition version.


2. collar type; flat collar collar collar collar collar Apple collar.


3. flat collar collar: steady and elegant, with temperament Lapel usually open 75 to 90 angle, single breasted suit standard system. It can be used for all suits, blaze sports jacket and so on.


4. Suit buckle type; single-row buckle and double-row buckle; buckle type is divided into one buckle two-grain buckle and three-grain buckle, one buckle business fashionable, suitable for young men; two-grain buckle classical common, very suitable for daily wear, three-grain buckle classical retro, very British gentleman style.


5. suit noodles; small noodles classic large noodles fashionable large noodles (ear skin noodles) noodles mainly refer to the inside of the suit, small noodles refined, large noodles classic comfortable,


6. Suit open fork; single fork and double fork, as well as no fork, single fork is more fashionable, double fork is more self-cultivation, and even men can stick to the handsome and stylish suit when inserting trouser pockets, but do not advocate the buttocks more straight men to choose, will lead to suit deformation, suit open fork can be a good shape, but advocate sitting down Unbutton and cut down folds.

7. Suit lining; hemp lining; hemp lining bonding lining, suit customization prices divergent, in addition to the fabric costs are very different, these three processes, simply suit level of rigid difference. Adhesive lining: The most common modern suit process, the suit front selection of modern technology hot pressing lining and suit fabric combination. It is a low end suit technology with relatively low capital cost. General anesthesia lining: the most traditional suit technology, suit front using old-fashioned non-sticky lining, is a high-grade suit technology. Process refinement, high wear resistance, and good stereotyping effect, sewn by the master craftsmanship, high cost hemp lining: combined with the two processes, the front sheet first covered with a layer of adhesive lining, and then in the upper half of the use of traditional lining, so that both retained the economy of industrial production, together with some of the advantages of traditional technology, is a medium-to-high-grade. Suit technology.

8.面料;西服的主体就是面料。不同价格的面料决议了西服自身的层次。  好的面料垂坠感好透气性好,做出的西装舒适平展,西服上身之后挺拔有型。但西服面料的挑选又涉及到纱支品牌产地材质,一般的客户很难明其间的套路,这种情况下能够直接告诉量体师自己的需求。量体师会根据个人需求来引荐面料,一起在量体的过程中了解客户的习气,躲避客户的一些身型缺陷,如驼背啤酒肚凹凸肩等。

8. fabric; the main body of western style clothes is fabric. The fabrics of different prices decide the level of the suit itself. Good fabric draping feel good air permeability, make a suit comfortable flat, suit after the upper body straight and stylish. But the selection of suit fabrics involves the yarn brand origin material, the general customer is difficult to understand the routine, in this case can directly tell the measurement of their own needs. The stylists will recommend the fabrics according to their individual needs. They will learn about the custom of the customers and avoid some of their body defects, such as hunchback beer belly bumps and so on.

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